Gift Ideas for the Car Enthusiast

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Hold onto your Santa hat! We are here to tell you that there are just TWO weeks left until Christmas day! If you have yet to finish (or begin) shopping, it is time to kick into high gear. Make your list and check it twice. If the guys or gals on your list are car lovers, we have some ideas they will love to unwrap.

Electronics: New cars come with all kinds of built-in gadgets, but not everyone has a new car. Check out the latest in GPS devices that will get your car enthusiast traveling in the right direction.

Tuned in: For those that know where they’re going, but just want to jam along the way, you may consider this hands-free device that plays your music through your radio. Of course, you can also consider a subscription to satellite radio.

Keeping It Clean: Rubber floor mats are a great idea to protect your car’s interior, and can make a good easy-to-find gift for the car owner. Seat covers, sun shields, and steering wheel covers can fit the bill as well, but be sure to check style, fit, and need. This may be best for a teen or new driver. A car-care kit with bucket, sponges, and various cleaners is a nice gesture, but unless you know that your loved one enjoys washing and waxing at home, consider a car wash gift card or a paid monthly membership to a car wash, especially one that offers unlimited washes.

Prepared Present: No one should be without an emergency and first aid kit in the vehicle. Fortunately, these can be purchased from department stores for a very reasonable price. Beyond standard emergency supplies, you could consider an umbrella, a picnic blanket, a handheld cordless vacuum, and toys or games for the children to play in their car seats.

Event Tickets: Car “guys” love car events, right? Your gift could give something to look forward to, such as a car show or race. Our favorite is anything at Gateway Motorsports Park, especially DriftSTL racing!

However or whenever you “wrap up” your holiday shopping, we wish you great parking spots, short lines, free shipping, and all the best!




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