Is There Trouble Lurking?

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So, you’ve had an accident. Another shop promised to “make it like it never happened”, and you drove away with your car looking pretty good. Little did you know that it may have looked like it didn’t happen, but invisible problems were brewing.

Recently, we came across an article by Mike Anderson, which discussed the myth of the dash light warning system. You see, there are some people who believe that if there is no dash light warning of troubles, that there are no troubles. His informal surveys in the autobody industry indicate that it is common practice to skip much-needed inspections, resulting in poor stability, inability to handle emergency maneuvers, or even airbags that won’t deploy when needed. Anderson recommends additional attention to catch these underlying issues.

We at Schaefer want you to know that we have tools available to address this issue. We utilize a system called ALLDATA, which provides accurate collision repair information, specific to more than 33,000 engine-specific vehicles. It includes complete OE mechanical diagnosis and repair information. We also work with VeriFacts, which assists us in ensuring that every vehicle is repaired properly and safely. Both ALLDATA and Verifacts have readily available internet help and on-site training. Finally, we are an ICAR Gold Certified Shop. This means that all of our employees complete ongoing training to stay educated on the latest technology.  Our commitment to education, training, and quality service sets us apart in the industry. We truly hold to the promise that we will Make It Like It Never Happened.

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  • Cynthia Rose

    This was really good for me to read actually, I normally won’t pay attention to my car unless a warning light is on.I always thought that the car knows best, I guess this goes to show you that not all things are without improvement. I will have to remember this as I take my trip to my parents next weekend.
    Cynthia |