A Clean Getaway

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You started your vacation with our fabulous packing tips. You are organized and prepared for anything. But somewhere along the way, your car becomes filled with trash from the drive-thru, paper, toys, and more. By the time you get back home and finish cleaning up your car, you’re going to need another vacation! Here are a few ideas to help you calm the chaos of the vacation vehicle:

Prevent: For accidents and messes alike, prevention is key. When you anticipate a mess, spread a sheet in the trunk and the backseat of your car. Designate a container for trash and empty it every time you fill up the gas tank. Avoid bringing the messiest drinks and foods into the car. Have a set of extra clothes and shoes easily accessible so that children can change quickly if an adventure gets messy.

Save Some Space: You know that you’re going to buy a tie-dyed t-shirt at the gift shop, a photo album, or some other trinket. Pack an empty suitcase or tote and keep these items from filling up the floorboards of your car.

Bag it! We told you how much we love using zippered baggies and grocery bags to help keep you organized when packing. Keep those bags on hand, because they can be equally handy when trying to keep a mess out of the car. Whether the problem is wet swimsuits and towels at the beach or muddy boots from hiking, bags provide easy transport and confine the dirt. Those little zipper bags also keep your phone, camera and other gadgets safe at the beach or on those amusement park water rides.

More bags:  There’s a different kind of bag that can become your best friend at the beach. Get an inexpensive laundry bag, like the mesh kind that you tote to the laundry mat, to store all your plastic beach toys. When it’s time to go, stick the bag with the toys inside into the water to rinse the sand off of everything. A plastic basket with holes and a lid will also work.

Bucket list: If there’s no shower as you exit the beach, fill up your largest sand bucket with water for washing feet just before getting in the car.

Baby fresh: Baby wipes are always perfect to have on hand for a gentle clean. Another helpful tool from the nursery is Baby Powder. As you know, sunscreen, sweat, and water make sand stick to you like glue. Dust your skin with baby powder and after it soaks up the moisture, brush off both the powder and the sand.

With a bit of preparation, you can relax and just enjoy family time. At the end of your trip, you’ll be left only with pictures and memories. And when a mess does occur, you can Make It Like It Never Happened.

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