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In last week’s blog, we provided some tips for saving space while packing for vacation. You know that making a list well before your departure date will help you avoid forgetting your must-have’s or taking along unnecessary items What should you add to that list that will keep your trip running much more smoothly?

Ziploc Bags: Plastic bags with zipper closures are inexpensive and help to organize and simplify packing. Use for toiletries and sunscreen to prevent leaks. The bags are also great for holding small items; crayons for the kids, vitamins, laundry detergent, or packets of your favorite sweetener. Just keep in mind they are not childproof.

Grocery Bags: While we’re on the subject of bags, you can fill a box once used for baby wipes, tissues, or cleaning wipes with grocery bags. It takes up very little space and keeps recycled bags handy for wet clothes, muddy shoes, trash, or other messes.

Electronics: Today’s parents must wonder how they survived long car trips without the benefit of DVD players, e-readers, and tablets. While you don’t want gadgets to dominate your vacation, they can keep the peace on a long drive. Check out free apps for the kids that will let them track the wildlife they see, plan a preschool vacation, or just play games.  You can also find free books for your Kindle or Kindle app, and don’t neglect to download Instagram for your vacation photos.

Apps: There are so many helpful apps, they deserve their own place on the list. In a previous blog, we explored the world of helpful driving apps that can save you money, time, and headaches. You can find the best deal on gas, a great place to eat, or the scenic route. You can store backup copies of travel documents in Dropbox or iCloud, or Passbook, depending upon device.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes: You can’t go without these as your travels take you to many a public restroom or outdoor eating area. Need we say more?

Mini Charging Strip and Chargers: All those electronic devices are bound to need charging. Who wants to be crawling all over the hotel room looking for outlets? A power strip will keep everything charging in one place. A car charger is a great idea as well.

Duct Tape: You never know what may need a quick fix. Duct tape can come to the rescue. A few other small items that are good to have in a pinch are paper clips, rubber bands, and a needle and thread.

Comfort Items: You already have a list of things that you need to make anyplace home. Don’t forget to think about earplugs or soothing sounds MP3 file on your phone, a nightlight or flashlight (or app), and your favorite scarf; which can be used as a pillow, light blanket, or to dress up any outfit.

Add these items to your packing list today and enjoy your trip!

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