Goodbye Stains

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Ahhhh…a new car! If you’ve had the experience, you remember it well.  The paint glistened in the sun, just the perfect color. The new car smell greeted you each time you opened the door. You couldn’t wait to discover all the new buttons and gadgets. No one, we mean NO one, could bring along a drink or messy food, for fear your beautiful new upholstery would become stained.

Fast forward a bit. Countless crumbs, broken crayons, and gas station receipts have found their way far under the seats. Windows have streaked and smudged, inside and out. Dust is everywhere, with fun little bits of pollen added in for your enjoyment. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.  All those things can be taken care of with a little bit of elbow grease. But the stains remain, reminding you of accidentally squeezed juice boxes, unsecured coffee lids, and other mishaps.  Is there any hope of reclaiming that new car look? Here are a few ideas worth trying:

  • Prevention is key. If you want a perfectly clean car, don’t allow kids or pets to enter. Never allow even the most responsible adult to have a coffee or soda. However, if you live in the real world, consider protective seat covers or a blanket for a short trip.  Floor mats can be your best friend, keeping stains off that carpet. In some instances, you can at least help some of your passengers choose water or a drink that is less likely to stain if spilled.
  • Prepare for the inevitable. Paper towels, napkins, or baby wipes are a great idea to have on hand for the occasional spill. One of our Facebook fans suggested having shout wipes, as you would carry for stain treatment on your clothing.

  • Act fast. Don’t let it sit. It’s important to get to a spill as quickly as possible. However, be careful! Pull over to a safe place so that you aren’t creating a hazard on the road.  Blot; do not to rub it into the seat or carpet. As soon as you can, use a mild detergent and water to clean up any remaining spill. Soak up as much as possible and vacuum soon to remove residue.

  • Attack with a vengeance.  Don’t let the stains taunt you forever. For older stains, our friends at Proformance Auto Detailing St. Louis recommend Resolve Triple Action Spray and a small brush. They advise that you don’t rub too hard, as you don’t want to cause fabric to wear and fray. When you use any heavy duty cleaner, it is wise to check an inconspicuous area for color fastness prior to treating the area.

With a little patience and some TLC, you can get back that new car feeling and Make It Like It Never Happened, not unlike what we do here every day!

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