Spring Clean Your Car

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Just a little over a month ago, a certain furry friend told us that Spring would be arriving soon.  Well, even groundhogs have their off days. Since then, we have enjoyed some very chilly temperatures and a couple of healthy winter storms.  However, there is no doubt that warmer weather is on the way.  With Spring’s pending arrival, there are a few things that you need to do to keep your car at its best:

  • Make It Shine. You not only make a great impression when you drive asparkling vehicle, you also maintain its value. Winter takes a toll on all of us; your car is no exception. Road salt can corrode your undercarriage and eat away at your car around any dings or scratches. It’s important to take the time to wash away the grime, including that which is hiding underneath.
  • Fix it up. While we’re on the subject of dings and scratches, it’s a great time to take care of any damage that occurred during the winter months. Schaefer Autobody Centers can take a look at those little problem spots and talk to you about your best option for repair.
  • Prepare for rain. Freezing temperatures and winter precipitation will wear down your wiper blades. They may be a small part of your vehicle’s overall performance, but they are vitally important. April showers will be here before you know it. You certainly don’t want to be caught in one of our infamous Midwest thunderstorms unprepared. New wiper blades are an easy and inexpensive fix.
  • Get ready to roll. Your tires also take a beating all winter; check your tire pressure and your tread regularly. NHTSA research estimates over 23,000 injuries each year from improperly inflated tires. Worn tires can make you more likely to lose contact with the pavement during those springtime rains.
  • Get fully charged. While not a vital safety issue, a drained battery will get you nowhere.  While you’re checking everything else, it’s a good idea to have your battery checked as well.

We will soon say goodbye to winter. As you spring clean your house and pack away those cozy sweaters, let’s make sure we prepare our vehicles as well.

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