A Tale of Three Estimates

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Once upon a time, John Doe had a car accident. No one was hurt; just a few bumps and bruises. John knew it was going to cost a few dollars to repair his vehicle and that was no laughing matter, but what was most difficult was finding the time to get it repaired. He had meetings at work and a little league game to attend. Nevertheless, he couldn’t drive until it was fixed; so John trudged around town to three different repair shops to get the required estimates. His insurance company agreed to pay for the lowest repair. Then when he went to pick up his car, he found there had been additional repairs needed. His insurance company had quite a bit more paperwork to do in order to pay that “supplement”.  Several headaches later (for John, the repair shop, and the insurance company), the ordeal was over.

Fast forward a bit and the tiresome process evolved. This time, when John had an accident his insurance company offered a “drive-thru” service. John was directed to go to an adjuster, who appraised the damage and issued payment. This seemed pretty simple, but it was expensive for the insurance company to operate (translation: higher premiums in the long run) and there was still the time and extra expense of the required supplement for unanticipated repair needs.

This brings us to today, the time of Direct Repair Programs (DRP’s). When John is involved in an accident this time, he is offered a new choice. John’s insurance company, like most major companies, has an agreement with specific auto body repair facilities. When John goes to one of these approved facilities, the damage is appraised and the work is performed. His insurance issues payment once the repairs have been completed. Everyone wins, saving time and expense.

Schaefer Autobody Centers is an approved facility for the DRP’s of most major insurance companies. In the event of an accident, contact our friendly and professional customer service representatives at 636-305-8288 and let us help you complete the repair process with ease; and we’ll make it like never happened.

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